Lake Carmel Arts Center
640 Route 52
Kent Lakes, NY 10512

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Office hours:
3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Mon., Wed. & Fri.; other times by appointment.

845 228-AOTL (2685)

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About Arts on the Lake

Who We Are

Board of Directors

President: Robert Bradley

Vice president:
Ellen Leerburger

Treasurer and Secretary:
Liz Allison

Members at Large:
Marty Collins
Bart Cook
Dan Friedman
Bill Hammond
Lisa Kaslyn
Roy Volpe

Counsel: Alan Bomser

Founding President:
Bob Rogers

Arts on the Lake Staff

Executive Director:
Ed Durkee

Musical Advisory Committee:
Kati Mac
Dave Radovich
Midhat Serbagi

Friends of Classical Music
Midhat Serbagi, Director
Jeanne Buck, Administrator

Visual Artists Committee Chairperson: Roy Volpe

Photo Group Facilitator:
Chris Casaburi

Puppet Group Coordinator: Mary Schreiber

Lake Writers Group Leader:
Tom Kersting

Theatre Group Coordinating Director: James Shearwood

The Educational Advisory Group and the Membership Services Committee are being reorganized.

Technical Director:
to be announced

Operations Manager:
Jason Buccieri

Development Committee:
Marty Collins
Kathleen O'C. Hoekstra
Mary Beth Minton

Web Design and Webmaster: Susan Fronapfel

Logo Design: Eileen Civitillo

Advisory Board

David Amram

James & Wilma Baker

Maria Calegari

Eileen Civitillo

Mike Gibbons

Neil Hickey

Kathleen O'C. Hoekstra

Michelle LeBlanc

Midhat Serbagi

Alexander Bocchialini Shundi

Chart of Organizational Responsibilities

Arts on the Lake is a non-profit corporation that fosters performances, exhibits and art classes in Kent, NY.

We have an ongoing series of classes for adults and children, as well as musical performances of classical, jazz, pop and rock. Arts on the Lake sponsors a theatre program that has developed indigenous works (“Kent Stories”), stand up theatre (“Open Mouth”) and new works in an ongoing partnership with the Blue Horse Repertory. The Visual Artists Committee (VAC) presents a major spring and fall exhibit as well as other Art Events.

Currently, Arts on the Lake is working with the Town of Kent to develop plans so that the former firehouse can be developed into the Art Center for the area. This was spurred on by a grant secured by State Senator Leibell to initiate the work. Arts on the Lake is developing a capital campaign to secure funds to complete the work.

Our current goal, as it was at the beginning, is to develop a place where creative activity can be developed, performed, displayed and presented in a way that serves the creator well and strengthens the community in the process. Our Strategic Plan centers on how best to achieve this goal and build an organization that becomes a valued center for the community.

If you have not already joined, we encourage you to visit our Membership page to add your name to the growing list of members who support the arts in the area and receive advance notification of and discounts on events.

The mission of Arts on the Lake is to sponsor, encourage, and create opportunities for all the residents of the Town of Kent and the larger community to participate in and appreciate the visual and performing arts, to be a roof and walls for performances, exhibits, classes and workshops. Arts on the Lake will strive to create a place where individuals can realize their creative potential, and where the community as a whole can share, witness and/or participate in this process.

If you would like additional information, please contact Arts on the Lake.